SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED being incorporated in year 2003 with a small retail presence which being upgraded to a multi-brand IT showroom, then in 2008, we stepped into telecom distribution for three major brands & post smartphone revolution we have stepped into technology solutions for SMB & large corporate & government organization.

 SOLUTIONS unlimited is one of the fastest growing System Integrator and is proud to be in alliances with the industry's most respected Manufacturer such as Intel, Dell. HP, Lenovo, Epson, TVS-E, D-Link, Logitech, Jabra, XP-Pen, Samsung, Yamaha, Luminous etc & distributors such as Ingarm Micro, Supertron Electronics, Rashi Peripherals, Shree Info,Redington etc.

Solutions Unlimited is one of the fastest-growing suppliers for 

  • Video Conferencing Solution: Logitech, Jabra & PeopleLink
  • POS & Billing Solutions: TVS-E, Trucount, WeP, BillTouch, Possiflex & Honewell
  • Digital Graphic Pen-Tablet: XP-Pen, Wacom, iBall
  • Tablet (4G LTE): Samsung, iBall, Acer & Lenovo
  • Complete Inventory, Billing, accounting, ERP & Pay Roll solutions & POS solutions for retail, SMB & Large corporate: Tally, Busy

SOLUTIONS unlimited is a proven, future bound, well-structured System Integrator with the strong reach, infrastructure to co-ordinate, all over Delhi with “Two” branch offices and each branch is complete with people in sales and services. To achieve a much higher reach every branch office has dedicated sales person to take care of neighboring locations. 

SOLUTIONS unlimited success is the result of the talent, financial strength, dedication and team work of its young dynamic team, and their vast marketing expertise, which has earned a reputation of providing the best products, support, service expertise at an unparalleled price.


SOLUTIONS unlimited greatest asset is its people - The SOLUTIONS unlimited key strengths lies in the experience and the creativity in its people. These have been built over the years that they have spent in the company and the company policy of delegating responsibility to its people. The sales people in the branch offices run the operations like businessmen. The branches run like profit center & the Head Office is their supplier. This means they are running a business of their own & are responsible for everything, from credit control, inventory management, company's reputation, taxation policies etc. This motivates the sales team and has healthy competition amongst each other. Every person in the organization, works creatively and the whole team comes up with innovative marketing schemes, develop new markets for products, organize regular mailer, presentation & demo to create awareness about the products. Solution Unlimited helps its principles in organizing and participating in the good exhibition to get the maximum value for money. SOLUTIONS unlimited is proud to say that we can create a pull for a push product, using marketing activities and channel relations.


One of the key reasons of the success is SOLUTIONS unlimited financial strength. Secondly, rather than sales, purchase is considered as the factor differentiating us from others. SOLUTIONS unlimited directly deal with  all its principals. In our industry, SOLUTIONS Unlimited  is known as "friendly" and "hassle free" to deal with, and this is because of its quick order processing ability. SOLUTIONS Unlimited is very friendly, honest, & committed towards its channel. In fact, SOLUTIONS Unlimited go out of their way to keep the channel updated on trends, technologies and make sure that they are updated with latest happening in the industry.


SOLUTIONS unlimited has corporate office in East Delhi. SOLUTIONS unlimited has build up business by giving best tele-support to clients, short turnaround time for service material, build up relationship with customers by frequently visiting them, immediate decisions on price breaks, keeping resellers / clients  upto-date with price. 


Solution Unlimited diverse product line is categorized into independent groups: ?




Desktops & Notebooks

Acer, Apple, Avita, Dell, Intel, HP & Lenovo

Server & Workstation's

Dell, HP & Lenovo

Video Conferencing Solution

Logitech, Jabra, Peoplelink

Digital Pen Tablets

XP-Pen, Wacom, iBall

Graphic Card

Nvidia GeForce, Gigabyte, Zotech


D-Link, TP-Link, Cisco


HP, Epson, TVSE , Canon & WeP


APC, HP,Intex, Luminous, Microtek, Numeric,

Tablet - 4GB, LTE

Samsung Tab, iBall


AMC, System integration, Network Installation, Software & Tele Support


SOLUTIONS unlimited success rate is the result of the talent, financial strength, dedication and team work of its young dynamic team, and their vast marketing expertise which has earned a reputation of providing the best products, support, service expertise at an unparalleled price. A structured internal organization provides independent leadership, management control, effective communication and healthy long-term growth for each product group and regional business unit. Although competition in IT industry is intense This competency gives our customers the stability they need to grow their business. 


Customer service is centralized at a single point, making the exchange and flow of vital information extremely convenient, to both customers and suppliers. Our computerized order processing system relieves customers from time consuming procedures, costs and effort. The resultant service provides efficient service at lower costs, to the customer. Further offers the fast, hassle-free, and convenient after sales service to its clients.


SOLUTIONS unlimited has established a sound infrastructure with excellent resources in terms of personnel, finance and management. Its dynamic management team provides a clear vision with a strong commitment to continued growth. With a management philosophy to continuously invest financial resources to develop new markets, identifing products and services of highest quality. This results from a management team that consists of individuals with excellent marketing and management skills complemented with sound technical knowledge that helps develop long-term strategies and ensure growth. 


SOLUTIONS unlimited strives to deliver the highest standards of quality, efficiency and service. The goal is to build an excellent reputation and credibility as a reliable, competitive and efficient System Integrator.


SOLUTIONS unlimited corporate goal is to foster healthy, mutually profitable relationships with each of its client. Its physical, technological, financial and human resources are committed to realize and sustain partnerships based on the mutual progress and success of its customers, principals and employees. 

SOLUTIONS unlimited  sales and support offices are located at:

Corporate Office:

26, Mahila Colony Furniture Market, Gandhi Nagar,Delhi-110031

Sales Office:

C-57, Main Road, East Krishna Nagar, Delhi-110051

Tele - Support Center

A-1/10, IIIrd Floor, Krishna Nagar, Delhi-110051

Contact ID & no.

Tel-+91-11-22003997, 28822166 & +91-98110 05674