FAQ: XP-Pen Drawing Pen Tablet – XP-Pen Graphic Pen Tablet

What is XP-Pen Tablet?

XP-Pen Tablet is an input device working on electromagnetic technology, to understand it better we can call it “Mouse-Pen” as the tablet become the Pad for the pen which allows the user to write or draw anything with the convenience of “a battery-free pen” instead of a mouse.

Who is the distributor of the XP-Pen Tablet?

SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED (Tel- 9811005674)is the XP-Pen Tablet distributor based in New Delhi, India.

Where can I see the Demo of the XP-Pen Drawing Tablet?

You can call 9811005674 or 9212929159 to request a demo for XP-Pen Tablet.

Can I get an on-site demo of the XP-Pen Tablet?

Yes, you can contact Solutions Unlimited & call 9811005674 or 9212929159 to request an on-site demo of the XP-Pen Graphic Pen Tablet.

Is XP-Pen an Indian company?

No XP-Pen is a Chines, not an Indian company. 

Is XP-Pen a Chines company?

Yes, XP-Pen is a Chines company. In the year 2019 XP-Pen Technology Co became one of the holding subsidiaries of Hanvon Ugee Group, china.

Is XP-Pen is founded in Japan?

Yes, XP-Pen was founded in Japan & started its R&D of graphic tablets in the year 2005. In the year 2008 XP-Pen established an office in Taiwan then later in 2015 XP-Pen Technology Co was founded in the USA. In the same year 2015 XP-Pen Technology opened its office in Shenzhen, China. In the year 2019 XP-Pen Technology Co became one of the holding subsidiaries of Hanvon Ugee Group, china.

How big is XP-Pen?

XP-Pen is one of the top brands under Hanvon Ugee Group, China is globally known for digital drawing products and services under digital art and innovation. XP-Pen has 6 overseas branches & more than 50 global agents covering more than 130 countries. 

What are the main products of XP-Pen?

XP-Pen is specialized in Graphics Tablets, Display Pen Monitor, Stylus Pen & digital graphic products.

How many categories of Pen Tablets are available in XP-Pen?

There are mainly two kinds of Pen Tablets available: Non-Display Tablets & Display Tablets.

What is the difference between display & non-display tablets?

As the name suggests display tablets come with an LED IPS display that helps the user to write & draw on the tablet display where as in non-display tablets users have to write or draw on the tablet while watching the display of the computer or android device.

Can we use the XP-Pen tablet without a computer?

Yes, the XP-Pen tablet can be used on android devices and on iOS with selected models.

How many series of tablets are available in XP-Pen?

There are seven main series of drawing tablets in XP-Pen:

1. Star Series Pen Tablet

  • Star 430 – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Star 640 – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Star 640s – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Star 03v2 – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Star G960 – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Star G960S – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Star G960s Plus – Win/Mac/Linux & Android

2. Deco Fun Series Pen Tablet

  • Deco Fun Small – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Deco Fun Large – Win/Mac/Linux & Android

3. Deco Series Pen Tablet

  • Deco 01v2l – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Deco 03 Wireless – Win/Mac/Linux

4. Deco Pro Series Pen Tablet

  • Deco Pro Small – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Deco Pro Large – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Deco Pro Small Wireless(BT) – Win/Mac/Linux with Android & iOS
  • Deco Pro Large Wireless (BT)– Win/Mac/Linux with Android & iOS

5. Innovator Series Display Pen Tablet

  • Innovator Display 16 – Win/Mac/Linux

6. Artist Series Display Pen Tablet

  • Artist 12 Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 12 - 2nd Gen Display – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Artist 13.3 v2 Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 15.6 Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 16 – 2nd Gen Display – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Artist 22  – 2nd Display – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Artist 24 Display – Win/Mac/Linux

7. Artist Pro Series Display Pen Tablet

  • Artist 12 Pro Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 13.3 Pro Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 15.6 Pro Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist Pro 16 Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist Pro 16TP Display – Win/Mac/Linux & Android
  • Artist 22R Pro Display – Win/Mac/Linux
  • Artist 24 Pro Display – Win/Mac/Linux

What is the cost of an XP-Pen Tablet?

The base model of XP-Pen Star G430 cost Rs.2499/- only.

Which is the best model of XP-Pen drawing tablet?

Deco 01v2 is the most popular model of XP-Pen as it has a perfect size of 6”x10” for drawing as well as for training. Best in class pressure level of 8192 & eight customizable shortcut keys. Deco 01v2 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and android too.

Which is the best display drawing tablet in India?

Artist 13.3pro is the best available model as it has a perfect size to work & carry along for outdoor usage. The XP-Pen Artist 13.3pro has an LED IPS display with 170 degrees viewing angle and a display resolution of 1920x1080. Most reasonably priced in the category of display tablet & available in holiday edition also.

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